Firefox Turns 8

Firefox Turns 8

Mozilla celebrates the 8th year birthday of Firefox a web browser that we been using for so long,  the birth of Firefox was popular among the tech crowd exploring alternatives to market leader Internet Explorer, It eventually began to gain usage share as it filtered out to a wider audience particularly at the time when Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6 dominated the market share, giving headaches to  many users with its numerous security issues. One of the key benefits of using Firefox is it will block many websites from trying to install spyware and other mal-ware from getting onto your computer, which is a common problem with other browser.

Firefox is credited with many of the innovations we now see available in most browsers today, such as Tabs and Add-ons, both of which came right away in version 1.0. Some time later, the browser became more customizable, introducing what Mozilla referred to as “Personas”, which is a fancy name for adding images to the menu bar area. That was just one more thing I loved about this piece of software. Another advantage to Firefox is the Firefox Safe Mode feature, with this feature you can decide whether or not to disable add-ons, reset toolbars and controls, reset bookmarks to firefox defaults, reset all user preferences to Firefox defaults, and restore default search engines.

Today we stand at Firefox version 16.0.2, latest version of Firefox is faster than earlier versions and optimized to handle Javascript better and users can grab newer versions from the beta and aurora channels. In addition to the different forms of Firefox,  Mozilla is even working on a mobile operating environment to compete with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Not only that in the near future Mozilla plans several important features, including a Windows 8-ready version of Firefox, as well as the Social API, which will enable integration of Facebook and other social networks with the browser. It remains to be seen how well that will be received.

In any event, Philippine Web Hosting Provider is greeting Firefox a Happy 8th Birthday and Wish you good luck! Browsing made better, 8 years and counting!

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