Stress Free Yuletide Season

Stress Free Yuletide Season

Brightly lit lantern along the road, christmas trees and beautiful ivy, poinsettias and  the feasting and caroling begin! is also the time for busy schedules, shopping, office party, family get together is enough to make your head spin, Christmas whatever reason behind your celebration of this event can be overwhelming, and in the lead-up to the day, things can get very stressful for some people. There are a few real simple ways to help eliminate some of that exhaustion or even avoid it altogether. Here’s how:

  • Plan before beginning a task, make a list and prioritize the important activities, try to take time and review your plan. Keep expectations for the season realistic; therefore, aim a reasonable goals for you.
  • Create your list of gifts and organize it accordingly, this will eliminate aimless shopping expeditions in the mall.
  • Wrap gifts as you go, and know your spending limit and stay on budget. With today’s economy and cutbacks, it is important to respect one’s financial limitations and this will ensure that everyone in your list are included. Sticky notes will help you keep track of gift contents.
  • If you plan to decorate your house make it simple, substitute a simple door wreath for outdoor lighting etc. and involve family members, this will not only making your task easier but create a bonding moment with your family.
  • Learn to delegate the holiday chores. It is not necessary to try to do everything by yourself, you can invite friends over for an evening of “card pooling” or gift wrapping for your office mates or co workers. The task will be an easy and enjoyable one to cross off your list while building camaraderie with your friends.
  • Buy ready made baked goodies for your giveaways, there are many sumptuous ready made  delicious, pre-baked holiday treats available in the market but make sure you try this food first before buying as giveaways. This will help you managed your time and spend more time with your other task.
  • Stock up on a few items that would appeal to almost everyone (including you, should they still be in your care come January). Several jars of locally made preserves are good to have on hand, as are beautifully wrapped soaps and bottles of wine or gather left over gifts during the last Christmas for inventory and simply wrap it accordingly for any unexpected visitors.
  • Email or call love ones and friends instead of sending cards in the post office a fun and easy way and avoid long lines.
  • If your planning a festive dinner or party, buy baking staples and stock up on baking ingredients early and other cooking essentials to cut back on last-minute grocery trips.
  • Create a plan for your holiday party, think about what you can prepare in advance and make a checklist of all the ingredients you need. Creating a last minute plan will sparks serious stress for you.
  • Downsize dish washing, use paper plates and other disposable utensils instead.
  • During the merry mayhem of holiday activities remember to unwind, eat healthy, nutritious food, as you would do any other time of the year. Also, drink plenty of water and juices. Maintaining a healthy diet will help support your immune system, reduce fatigue, and fight illness. Try a little laughter. Research psychologists have found that humor improves one’s sense of overall well being. Remember to avoid unnecessary trip to malls and avoid the traffic, family camp-outs in front of the Christmas tree, and evenings spent with carols and popcorn is more like Fun!

Sure thing Holiday is a  festive season all jammed into thirty days, filled with non-stop cooking, baking, etc. It is also full of friendly family get-togethers, delay-free travel, great food and holiday movies all can be achieve if you make your plans in advance and sticking to them make those lists, and check them twice to avoid loading up stressors, follow the tips above and you’ll have welcome peace of mind — and an event to look forward to.

Remember With the stress we are often under with the holidays we quickly become run down and our immune systems weaken so a “Healthy ways to deal with stress is to have a well-balanced diet, exercise and keep to a regular sleeping routine and plan ahead.”

Enjoy this season of merry giving!

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